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Any GPS marks supplied within these pages are used
at the user's own risk .
The marks are WGS 84 ,deg/min.mmm format .

Fishing around this area is very rarely a fishless exercise .
There are good spots no more than 500mtrs from the front of the ramp . If the fishing is slow in one area and you are not getting the fish you want , rig up for something else and you won't be disappointed .
There is only one thing that has me a bit concerned at the moment and that's the marine
park at Point Cook ,basically the squid grounds will be off limits from the time it is
implemented ..

Once out from the ramp go left and you will find yourself near the mouth of Kororiot creek . Here you can drift for Whiting and Flathead There are quite a few here but they are usually just on size .

Then go across to the Footy ground and you will come across a reef that is a good spot for Pinkies in season , also leatherjacket can be taken here .
............GPS ............

This mark is at Point Cook.
It is about 30 mtrs on the sth east side of the pole that is out there .
It puts you in an area of a very good dropoff

37 55.622 s
144 48.997 e

............GPS ............

This mark is a navigation mark to get you in the right erea out in front of the Altona ramp entrance .it is about 200mtrs out straight in front of the markers .

37 52.087   s
144 51.056    e  

There are a couple of navigation markers around the point of the Footy ground that fish very well for Snapper in season .There has been gummy picked up here on dusk and if the weather is right is a pleasant place to dangle a line .
It is very snaggy here so keep your wits about you .

For those of you that havn't seen it ,well here it is !

The Famous

Well nearly ,they changed the bouy a few months back from and old faded yellow thing to this lovely new one .
The Stick (Altona Reef)
This is the yellow and blue Cardinal marker which is 1.2 kms sth east of the safe harbour entrance at Altona .This marks a reef that  rises from 16ft to 6ft around the marker .

   37 52.867 s
144 51.395 e
Spoil Ground.
The spoil ground or the "dumper"as it's known is 5 - 6 kms sth of P2 .This is an erea where all the dredged up silt gets "dumped" ,it is marked with a yellow bouy ,the position can be changed but the mark should get you near by

   37 59.128 s
144 53.082 e
Fawkner Beacon .(radar)
It is about 3kms to the sth east of P2
This marks the entrance to the main shipping channel
comming into the Port of Melbourne ,be very carefull when out here as the ships by this stage are moving rather fast .I have found it is best to stay on the eastern side of the beacon ,the ships go past here about 100 -150 mtrs to the west , they will not go around you and the wakes can be up to 1.5 mtrs in height .

   37 59.861 s
144 53.572 e
This is what comes very close to the Beacon ,imagine this coming down on you at night .

Going across towards The Stick at Altona you can pickup some Whiting , Pinkies and Flathead
There is a red marker on the way to the Altone Pier and this is a good spot for some big Leatherjacket .Further west about 30-50 mtrs out from Millers rd is a top spot for Pinkies in season.

Between the Pier st pier and Point Cook, this area has some of the best flathead fishing in the bay .
It is not unusual to get upwards of 15-20 fish per hour on the drift  . This is the green area on the map .This part of the bay is very good if you want to get someone into fishing because the action on Flathead can be very hectic.

Nearer the shore over to the outlet of Skeleton creek there are a number of deep gutters  ,
these gutters can sometimes hold some MASSIVE Flathead . Up to and over 3 Kilo's .
These are really only taken in summer and can be tempted by some berley and then casting a lure or fly to them  can give a good result . Watch out for the tide as you can get stuck in a gutter without enough water to get out the other side.

To the east of Point  Cook we head across to the Dumb Joe marker and further east the P2 bouy . Between these two spots is a good  Snapper area but probably one of the best in the bay is the P2 spot .P2 is a bouy that signifies the gas pipeline that runs across the bay from Altona to Black Rock . This pipe acts as an artificial reef and fishing around here is a good option in season .
When anchoring you must be at least 150 mtrs from the pipe and the bouy .