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Fish pics

Some nice Flathead and one very good aussie Salmon (48 cm ) taken on a full pilchard at Point Cook while fishing for snapper .

These fish were taken out from Station pier at night in dead calm water ,at low tide .
Sort of dispells the old belief that rough weather is snapper weather .

A lovely 5.98 Kilo Snapper just out of the water , taken on a whole pilchard out at the P2 marker bouy about 5kms out from Altona .
This was taken Late April ,early May .

A 1.2 kilo / 37 cm Bream taken on a stormy Sunday afternoon at the Docklands on a live fresh water yabbie
A nice litlle 23 cm bream ready to go back for a swim .

My father in law Ben ( right) with the first fish of the day .
At 29 cms it was a ripper

The first of eight trevally for the day .

 snapper 6.58 kilos

 6.5 kilo SNAPPER taken at the Carrum
inner artificial reef at around 2:30am
on the 12/11/00 . This fish had two flathead in it's guts after they were thrown over the side along with a mix of berley I made for the night .
The berley consisted of minced pilchard ,gar ,tommy rough ,bread and tuna oil .I divide a plastic bread container into partitions by the use of cardboard and then push the mix in and freeze .When you need it you can break the seal between the board and berley ,then throw the block into the bucket , it then breaks up in the water .
Thanks GOZZA
That's me on the right

Ten minutes before the SNAPPER we got the ELEPHANT . There were quite a few hits on the baits (pilchards) but no hookups .So we put some smaller hooks in and started to get a few of these .The  sea lice were fairly bad that night but only on the silver whiting . For some reason the pilchards did not get touched by those little blighters .From what it looked like out the back of our boat no one else around us got any touches , or if they did they were asleep while we were working our backsides off in the calm but wet conditions . There were no other decent fish taken over the two days of fishing by us .
elephant shark 1.2 kilos