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22 / 11 / 02

While on the prowl today (Friday 22 November) down along the Yarra there was a very nice
 5.5 kilo mulloway caught off the small floating pontoon in between the power station inlet and
 the Warmies, the proud fisho was a visitor from overseas and it was his first ever fish in Australia.
The bait was a tail from a IQF pillie and it was caught at 2:30pm. He was fishing for bream.

Seems that this has happened a few times this week in the same area and most baits have been
good, the slightly harder baits have been better on the mulloway. No snapper has been reported
down this end of the Yarra.

Out near the 2 piers (Station and Princes) it has been as dead as a dodo this week in close, netters
have been murdering this area with catches in the hundreds of boxes of snapper each time they
came in, what hope have we got?

Further out straight up the channel on either side around 1km from the piers has been good
for snapper, most being in the 3-5 kilo range, the best bait has been yakkas, fish are nailing
them. They can be used as one big bait or 2 smaller baits when head and tailed much like you
would on a garfish.

Some of the snapper have been spooked at times and this may be due to the larger
 than normal population of sharks in the bay this year, a bronze whaler was hooked after
a couple of snapper took the baits but dropped them very quickly.

There are no reports of whiting in the footy ground/sandy beach area in Williamstown
 at all this  week and the smaller pinkies have moved off a touch also.

In Altona Bay there has been better fish going out into the deeper water of P2 and Dumb Joe, many
 fish are coming in over the 5 kilo mark and once again a few baits have been lost by something
 cutting the line once hooked.

Bait schools have been a normal thing again this year with huge clouds of fish being chased
by bigger ones as seen on sounders, best bet is to fish behing the school as it passes and
float an unweighted bait down the back of them in the hope of getting hit.

Werribee River has been having a good run of bigger bream for the last few weeks but this
week has seen 2 illegal nets being dragged out, both having upwards of 40 fish in each net. If you are
lucky and get onto the fish the nets have left behind it should be of a decent size.

Good fishing 'til next week,

Weekend update .