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This can be a very good place to fish wether it be during the day or into the
 evening .Working your way from Webb dock around past Station and Princess pier
and over to St Kilda marina there are a few reefs scattered around here even though they are only small they can be very productive .

 Above is a local map of the area with some of the best spots marked with a red dot .The marks from Station Pier to St Kilda Marina are in reletavily shallow water , some ares are down to 1 mtr .
The majority of the bottom is muddy from the Yarra around to Station Pier so there will not be alot of whiting due to the fact they like sandy bottoms. There are flathead here but they taste like mud nearer the river .

Good places to fish here is along the shipping channel into the deeper water
but please get your boat to anchor well out of the channels  becuase there is a huge
ammount of shipping traffic coming in and out of port .
Also you must keep a look out for ferrys that shoot around here especially into the night .
Having good lights at night here is a must .

The fish you may catch around here ranges from Whiting , Flathead , Leatherjacket , Bream (from around the piers) ,  Snapper and the occasional hit from Mulloway . Also if you berley up to much you will almost certainly get a Banjo and to the other extreme an Eagle Ray . The later is good fun but wastes a large amount of your time . Don't be scared of fishing very shallow here , you will be amazed at the size of some of the fish you may get .